I love you. We love you. You spend the most precious thing in life on us daily - your time. You’re selfless. I ask you your hobby, you tell me it’s us. We’re all you think about. We’re all you worry about. We don’t deserve you. Your dedication to us is relentless. You make us... Continue Reading →

The Group

“Wake up!” screamed Andrew directly into his ear. “Wh, wh, what time is it?” he muttered. He rolled over and pawed at his phone sitting on his bedside table. The bright screen illuminated the room. He squinted his eyes to look at it. 2:37am. He let out a noise situated somewhere between frustration and anger.... Continue Reading →

The Planets Series – Jupiter

Juniper Gentlin fiddled with his tie once again, then buttoned and unbuttoned his jacket, feeling the strain of his ever increasing waistline. He shot his hand into his pocket again, reassured that it was still there. The man behind the large desk in front of him stood to catch his attention, informing him that the... Continue Reading →

The Game

Sam Thompson removed his jar of coffee and ‘Mr Grumpy’ Mr Men mug, placing it on the cabinet above him then emptied his pockets, placing his phone, wallet and keys into his small locker. Zombie-like he trudged through to the clinically white small kitchen area and filled his mug with boiling water from the communal... Continue Reading →

The Book Assignment

After another round of aimlessly running his index finger along the dusty row of books, Thomas sighed and slumped down in the uncomfortable plastic chairs which were dotted around the school library. He was running out of time now, the library closed at 4pm and it was pushing 3.40pm. He had been here since lunch... Continue Reading →

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