The Post-Human Movement

14 April 2023

From: DanielDGardener@gmail.c0m

To: B&

Hey Mum,

How are you both coping? How is Dad today? Is he still confined to the one room? Thought I’d send a quick email over before going to bed.

I left the house today! My first time in 3 weeks, just to pick up some food. I took all the precautions the Government have been telling us but it was still pretty horrible. Not sure what I planned to do with Dad’s old hammer I grabbed from the garage but it made me feel a little less anxious.

Between the journey and the pickup I was out for around 2 hours. There was no sign of any infected although the advice now is that they tend to surface towards dusk.

I did get stopped by the PHM though. I thought I’d managed to get to the shops and back without any hassle but when I was coming through the Toll in town I got stopped at traffic lights. I could hear them before I saw them. Marching and chanting right through the town, stopping all traffic on the roads. Obviously they were led by that bigot Sammy Hunter. They were just like you see on the news, big banners, chanting, shouting and threatening at the small number of us on the streets.

I’d reckon there were probably about 50 or so of them. I had my head down hoping they’d march past but Sammy recognised the car. Over he came and gestured for me to open the window. I shook my head, refusing but those “peaceful advocates of the less fortunate” started rocking the car!! He asked me if I’d seen any instances of aggression towards “post-humans” in the local area and kept going on about their rights of to exist in this world and that “their unfortunate behaviour is a result of mental and physical health difficulties and they deserve to be treated with respect”. These are infected people who will bite you and infect you if you get close enough Mum! Unfortunate my eye!

I told him this was my first time out in 3 weeks but he just ignored me, he was on his soapbox and there was no point me interrupting, especially when he was backed up by his army of yes men all nodding and cajoling him on.

After 5 or so minutes of the usual stuff you’ve seen on the news about how these people “still have rights too” and that if he ever caught me or anyone in this town so much as placing a finger on these “poor, disadvantaged minorities” he’d see to it under the new post-human resolution powers that a powerful message would be sent to the community. He then said that if I saw anything inappropriate I was to phone him immediately and threw a card in the car window with his contact details on it.

Just as I thought I was in the all clear and he had turned his attention to the car behind me I leaned out the window and asked him if there’d actually been any recent sightings of any COVID’s in the area. I know, I know, but I wanted to know if he suspected anything. He spun on his heel and booted the wing mirror clean off the car! “That’s post-humans you sick bigot, I could have you put in a cage for that disgusting language” he shouts. Jim Sanders, that big fool, then put in the back windscreen with a bat!!

I hammered my foot down on the accelerator and got out of there. These people are more dangerous than getting attacked by the damn COVID’s, please just stay inside away from them and I’ll get your shopping and medicine to you. If they come to the door, don’t answer and keep Dad away from the windows, if they see him they’ll take him. They’re in the streets and online, please just be careful and please, if you insist on keeping Dad, continue to keep him locked in the bedroom.

I’ll come over on Monday with the shopping and medicines, give me a call if you want to chat before then.

Stay safe.

Love you,


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