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Hi! Thanks for joining me!

I’ve had good intentions for many years to sit down and write down some of the short story ideas which often pop into my head. I like to think I’m a fairly creative person and often ideas that I have for a story will have me so excited that I feel like I need to get them down on paper before they somehow fall out of my head. Unfortunately, as is the case with alot of things when you’re 30 something and preoccupied with, well life, responsibilities (or box sets, damn you Netflix!) get in the way.

Every now and then I’ll throw an idea into the notes page on my phone, or I’ll sit down with a notepad and scope out a story. I’ll do a bit of background checking on the story I’ve come up with, I’ll scope out the characters then get down to writing. Typically this will last over the course of maybe 2-3 nights, I’ll get a couple thousand or so words in and then something will come up the next night. Maybe I’ll be playing 5 a side football or will go for a run or will have had a long day at work and just want to sit in a dark room and cry (kidding-ish!) then the next time I sit down to write the creative spark will be gone and it’s never the same.

I suffer from anxiety and general low mood at times. Writing really helps me mentally, just like exercise does. I know that they help me but sometimes it is so hard to motivate yourself to do the things which you know help you. Writing really gets my creativity flowing, it really feels like it works another part of my brain and makes me feel like a kid again. I loved writing stories when I was younger, it felt so free to create this narrative of a brand new place which had no boundaries and could be whatever I wanted it to be.

So, I’ve forced myself to start this blog and given myself the task of publishing a short story on here once a month. That’s it. No other constrictions. I really hope I can stick to it and that it gives me the motivation to push past that feeling of “ach, I can’t be bothered tonight”. Fingers crossed!

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