My Pet Raptor – A Dinosaur Story for Kids

Some people have dogs

Some people have cats or

Birds or snakes but who has a raptor?

I have a pet I can ride to school!!

His name is Reggie, he’s super cool!!

Some people have parrots but not my friend Doris!

In her garden she has a Brontosaurus!!

It eats from the trees, it’s a herbivore

And gives the best cuddles which we both adore

Some policemen use dogs, but not our local cops

They ride around town on a Triceratops!!

It stops the robbers with it’s massive horns

Then munches on leaves, grass and corns

Some people ride horses but not my cousin Bex

She gallops around on a HUGE T-Rex!!

It looks really fierce but it’s really a cutie

It’s tiny little arms can’t scratch it’s own booty

Some magicians say shazam!! and hocus pocus!!

But I know a wizard with a Diplodocus!!

Sitting up on it’s back, he does his spells

But when it farts, it REALLY smells!!

I love my pet raptor, he’s really the best

I chase him around and lie on his chest

I tell him stories and we cuddle at night

He’s the best to snuggle when Dad turns out the light

Night night Reggie!!